New Changes

January 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So I haven't posted in a while or been doing many changes to my website. I recently got a new job and am working at a photography studio in Orillia, ON. So far I am enjoying it and love getting to go do on location photoshoots with clients all around the local area and exploring new locations. My new job and other things I have been doing have kept me pretty busy and I haven't really had much time to come on here and edit things and write on my blog.

In addition to my new job I am going to be doing a video project for a friend of mine for a Valentine's Gala that she is running. We are pretty excited for it and I am excited to work on it and see the finished project. I used to not think that I was that into video especially when I was in school. But now that I have been doing more of it I am starting to enjoy it more and I really look forward to seeing the finished products as I work on them. I have also done some videos for a new business that is starting up. I did some demo videos for the owner to show the product and what it does and they are up on his website and youtube. You can check it out at Sure Safe Floors Inc. or at




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